Reflux Symptoms in Babies

Reflux Symptoms in Babies

Reflux Symptoms in Babies

Reflux (GERD) in babies can be a difficult problem that makes both parents and infants miserable. Many parents may be at a loss as to how to help alleviate their child’s discomfort when it comes to this condition. The Snuggle Pod has been credited by thousands of carers all over the world to ease the reflux symptoms in babies and the discomfort that reflux and colic present.

How the Snuggle Pod® helps reflux symptoms in babies

The Snuggle Pod was designed as the ultimate seating solution for babies, to help them take in the world around them whilst sitting upright on their own, allowing you, the carer, to do your own thing whilst they sit close by. Due to it's ability to 'shuffle' the beans to an upright seated position, the Pod is raved about for helping relieve the symptoms in colicky bubs!

Gerd in babies is common. It seems that sitting a child in an upright position in their Pod during and after feeding, keeping their head and torso angled upward helps the flow of the baby’s digestion and can help reduce reflux significantly. This solution that the Snuggle Pod provides is said to be particularly effective with children who suffer from GERD. The Snuggle Pod provides the even and balanced support a baby needs to eat and digest comfortably.

More than just a baby bean bag

The evolution of the Snuggle Pod®, from a basic baby beanbag to a must-have item for all new parents has been an exciting journey. We've helped thousands of babies rest easier, and made it super easy for a busy parent to swap seat tops over and wash the bean bag! See benefits here.