Snuggle Pod FAQ's

This Snuggle Pod® thingy...what is it?

The Snuggle Pod is a 2-in-1 adaptable baby beanbag that grows with your baby from newborn through to pre-tweens. It’s a practical product that parents can easily move from room to room and the place baby in it to keep them close at all times while also having some hands free time. Weighing less than 1.5kgs when filled, the Pod is highly portable and easy to move around. Never carry the Snuggle Pod with baby in it- always carry the baby in one arm and the snuggle pod in the other.

Does the Chibebe Snuggle Pod meet Australian safety standards?

Yes, of course! Our Snuggle Pod® meets strict ACCC mandatory standards. In a nutshell, these standards mean that we have correct labelling and use correct zippers on our pods.

In addition, our pods are laboratory tested via a leading international recognised consumer testing agency. This gives the concerned Chibebe parent assurance that product that their child is sitting on is a certified, exceptionally made baby beanbag that not only meets mandatory standards, but also standards that we personally feel are more important, such as flammability, small parts & chemicals. It also makes us feel good to know we do way more than is required of us, to ensure we make a product that we call ‘fussy parent' safe.

How is the Snuggle Pod ‘adaptable’?

The Snuggle Pod Baby Bean Bag is designed to be used from the day Bub is born, and for many years after.

So every Snuggle Pod comes with ‘zip on - zip off’ swappable baby and toddler seat tops. These seat tops simply zip on and off the beanbag base easily.

Baby Seat:

The baby seat top is harnessed, for use from birth, until Bub is able to sit unaided. Discontinue infant seat use once the baby can sit upright, push up on hands and knees or climb out unassisted (age around 5 months) but is still unable to walk.

Toddler Seat: 

Once your child is able to walk, resume use of the Snuggle Pod pod by switching the infant seat for the toddler seat without the harness. This will allow the Snuggle Pod to be used as a normal bean bag for many years to come.

The seat tops are made from a breathable lycra blend material with an integrated foam pillow-top for extra comfort and support.

It’s also lined with a waterproof fabric layer to stop any little accidents or spills reaching the beans inside the base.

The removable seat tops allow for quick washing and swapping of baby seats in between washes, and also for swapping from a baby (harnessed) seat top to a toddler (non-harnessed) seat top.

You get both a baby and a toddler seat in every Snuggle Pod purchase. You can buy available additional seat tops separately.

What should you know before buying a baby beanbag?

Safety is key. When buying for young ones— especially newborns— it's important to know what safety measures the manufacturer has taken to ensure it is a baby-safe product.

For Example:

1) Has the material been tested for unsafe elements that could harm your baby?

2) The outer base coating….is it plastic (PVC) or fabric with a water resistant lining? (Plastic obviously has a much higher flammability danger; therefore, it would seem logical to use a water resistant fabric instead).

With so many different types of baby beanbags out there now, it's important to know what to look for.

When a baby or child uses a Chibebe product, you can rest assured that we have a clear conscience with what we produce for your precious child.

Please note:

  • NEVER leave child unattended.
  • This product is not safe for unsupervised use or unattended sleep

What age is the Snuggle Pod suitable for?

The Chibebe Snuggle Pod is designed to be used from birth, to pre-teen. Weight wise, the are laboratory tested for all ages, but we recommend up to 50kgs.

The Snuggle Pod is specifically designed for newborn babies. The harnessed seat is designed to be used up until Bubba is able to sit upright on their own.

Once your baby can sit up unassisted, simply switch out the infant harness seat top for the toddler top (no harness). Your pod then becomes a normal beanbag for 'big kids'.

The Snuggle Pod baby beanbag is so comfy, we even chill on them when our desk chairs become too much! 

What’s included in a Snuggle Pod® purchase?

Inside the gorgeous designer packaging, you will find:

  • The Snuggle Pod® base design of your choice (ie: Moxie Foxie, Starlight, etc).

  • A Baby seat top (harnessed) in your selected color. Features a padded pillow-top and water resistant lining.  For use from Birth.

  • A Toddler seat top (non-harnessed) in the same color as baby seat. For many more years of use! Features a padded pillow-top and water resistant lining.

  • An ‘Inner filling bag’ which you easily fill with beans, and insert into the beanbag cover. This is also easily extracted, for washing or storing of the Snuggle Pod bean bag cover.
  • An Instruction & Information booklet

But wait, there’s more…!

The Snuggle Pod has an accessory line. Because we all like to accessorise!

The Pod Warmer®: In the past, when it was cold, it was the norm to place a loose blanket over Bub. We didn't like this, as Bub can lift the blanket over their head and become scared. So we designed a blanket for the Snuggle Pod.

The Pod Warmer (aka footmuff) is a blanket that stays put. It comprises of a special baby seat with an extra zipper that the blanket part zips and off easily. The top part also extends as Bub gets bigger, giving more months of use.

The Pod Rocker®: Every Bub needs a rocker. But they also need a Snuggle Pod! What a conundrum! But never fear, Chibebe is here! The Pod Rocker® is designed so that the Snuggle Pod sits snugly in the frame, allowing you to gently rock Bubba back-and-forth whilst they sit in their Snuggle Pod. It’s the ultimate Podding experience for Bub to enjoy (and us big people to be a little jealous of).

How do parents benefit from owning a Snuggle Pod?

When we ask parents what they like most about the Snuggle Pod, their first words are along the lines of: "it’s a lifesaver” and "it’s the single most used product I have bought since having my child". We never tire of hearing how parents and bubs love the Snuggle Pod,. Here are some examples of the things we commonly hear:

It’s practical, I use it everyday because I can take it from room to room easily;

Bub looks so comfortable, and can see their surroundings thanks to the inclined angle of the Pod;


The Snuggle Pod makes it so easy for feeding time;

The addition of the Pod Rocker helps to settle my baby;

The cover is so easy to spot clean and wash when required;

The best investment ever! It has been an absolute lifesaver!

To date, the Snuggle Pod has over 2500 positive reviews on the website alone. You can also find parents of happy Podders bragging about our Pods on Facebook, Instagram, online review sites, and so on. The proof is in the podding!

Read our reviews here

Let’s get factual, shall we?

The Snuggle Pod seat tops feature several layers. One of these layers is an integrated foam pillow-top for added comfort. This padding also helps to suppress the bean noise from the inside of the beanbag whilst allowing them to be subtly heard, soothing Bub.

There is also a layer of water resistant fabric on all baby and toddler seat tops, which prevents little 'accidents' and sippy cup spills reaching the beans inside the base. In case of ‘oopsie’ moments, simply remove the seat top and wash it, knowing that the contents inside the bean bag cover are dry.

We know you're busy. That's why we designed the specially shaped inner bag that holds the beanbag filling. The inner bag is easily to remove and put aside, so that the Snuggle Pod base can be washed or stored easily. After washing, simply pop the inner bag containing the beans back inside the base, ready to use again. If you stored the cover for a while and have disposed of the beans, you can purchase new inner bags anytime here

The Pod Rocker®, Pod Warmer® and Inner bag are registered designs for the Chibebe® brand.

The Chibebe®, Snuggle Pod®, Pod Rocker®, Pod Warmer® brands are trademarks of Millisage LLC.


    How do I fill the Snuggle Pod®?

    Every Snuggle Pod baby beanbag comes with its own internal Chibebe filling sleeve (aka: inner bag). It's an exclusive design we invented, to be used with the Snuggle pod. Filling it is as easy as 1,2,3!

    Handy Hint: We recommend filling the beanbag sleeve in a dry bathtub...this way you can quickly scoop up or vacuum those rebel beans that get away. Please ensure no babies or pets are kept away when filling the pod in case of any loose beans.

      1. Using a paper clip, unzip the beanbag sleeve and open it up nice and wide;

      2. Pour the beans in to the desired amount (see below guide);

      3. Sit the inner bag on the floor, with the flat side down. If you shuffle the mid section down, you will see that it forms the shape of a seat. When you place the inner bag into the bottom of the Snuggle Pod base, make sure 'highest end' or 'top end' of the inner bag meets the 'highest end' of the cover inside. The rest should settle nicely inside the cover.
    Don't forget to remove the paperclip from any zippers afterwards!
      Please refer to this helpful guide for more information on filling your snuggle pod.

        How many beans are needed to fill up a Snuggle Pod?

        10,986 beans, to be exact...but a less precise way we can recommend is that you fill the Snuggle Pod three quarters full— approximately 65-70 litres of beans to fill a Snuggle Pod for a newborn (about 2/3 of the 100lt bag).

        Remember, do not overfill your bag as it should never be hard or flat. The snuggle pod should have give to it so that the baby will be cradled and supported.

        Ultimately, it is up to the discretion of the carer to ensure the right amount of beans for the ultimate Podding experience for Bub.

        How do l know if l have over-filled or under-filled the beanbag?

        An inclined seated position is the best position for Bub to get the best use of their Snuggle Pod. It enables them to be involved with the world around them.

        You will be able to tell if the bag is too full if you cannot shuffle it to an inclined, upright seated position.

        how many beans to put in the baby beanbag

        It is too empty if you shuffle it to a seated position and can feel the floor through the seat top.

        Please note that it is up to the carer to determine when it is full enough. For more information, refer to the instruction booklet and our guide.

        When should I replace the Baby Harness seat with the Toddler seat?

        Every child is unique! The right time for this transition should not be based only on size, but also on your child's level of strength and coordination. If you insist on an answer, as Bub starts to get a little fidgety and is able to sit unaided, you might consider swapping to a toddler seat.

        We've also found that there is a period of time where your baby may not use the snuggle pod. While every baby is different, this is usually around 6 or 7 months and then they'll be interested in using the seat again as soon as they start crawling.

        Please use your discretion and do what makes sense and is safest for your baby. 

        Who else uses the Snuggle Pod?

        Chibebe Snuggle Pods are designed for use by all babies. They have become increasingly popular and are now used in Ronald McDonald Retreat Homes and by babies all over the world! Even celeb Mums such as Tania Zaetta, Fifi Box and Jodi Gordon love our Snuggle Pods!

        Can the Snuggle Pod replace my baby's bed?

        NoThis product is not safe for sleep.

        Baby bean bags are not designed as replacements for a bed or a cot. Babies should only be put down to sleep on flat surfaces such as a crib or bassinet. The Snuggle Pod is simply the worlds coolest baby bean bag! If your baby falls asleep in the Snuggle Pod, immediately move them to a safe sleep space. More info here

        The bonus is that they are super comfy for bub, and for you to be able to keep baby near you at all times, wherever you are. This means that baby is comfortable always and you get to do your thing with Bub close by. It is because of all these factors, that Mums and Dads are saying that they don't know what they would have done without one!

        How do l clean my Chibebe Baby Bean Bag?

        Seat Top:

        Simply unzip the seat from the base and pop into large delicates wash bag, and wash on gentle cycle, in cold to warm water. Dry naturally or in dryer on low setting.


        By Hand: Simply dab with a damp cloth. You can use a good fabric cleaner and follow the directions for it, but a damp cloth is normally enough. 

        Machine Wash: Remove the inner bean casing that contains the filling, and wash the whole bag in cold water, on gentle cycle. Dry naturally or on low setting in dryer.