In 2018, we changed the type of zipper we use on our Snuggle Pods, to enable us to keep up with demand. 

The original zipper featured a 'smiley face' on the zipper tag of the seat that attaches to the Snuggle Pod bean bag cover.

The new zipper type does not have a smiley face on it.

This means that if you have a 'smiley face' on the zipper tag of the seat that attaches to your Snuggle Pod®, you can no longer purchase spare seats or Pod Warmers that can be used with your Snuggle Pod®.

If you are purchasing a baby/toddler seat or Pod Warmer without a Snuggle Pod® in the same order, you obviously have a Snuggle Pod® already, and want a new seat top for it. So we have asked you to visit this page to check your existing seat top, to confirm whether there is a smiley face on the zipper puller or not. See below for how to check.