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In addition, the Snuggle Pod has also been tested & certified for baby use. This is not mandatory by the ACCC, but baby safety is our #1 priority.


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Yes, the Snuggle Pod is a trending item! Because even babies know their stuff.

the 2-in-1

Reported by carers worldwide to relieve reflux & prevent flathead in babies, the Snuggle Pod is a 2-in-1 adaptable baby beanbag that grows with your baby from the day they’re born, through to pre-teen years. We call this our Birth2Big® system!

Every Snuggle Pod comes with swappable baby & toddler seats, which are made from a breathable, soft, padded material that cuddles baby’s body.


Australia’s Original Baby Beanbag - The Snuggle Pod®

Meet the Snuggle Pod®, a dynamic 2-in-1 baby beanbag that grows alongside your baby from the moment they are born right up until pre-teen years. Every Snuggle Pod comes with swappable baby and toddler seats, which are made from a soft, padded, breathable material that cuddles your baby’s body. The special design gives your child the ultimate experience in comfort imaginable, allowing them to sit upright safely and independently while enjoying the world around them.

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