We're all about making babies comfy. So you can rest easy.

We're a funky cool bunch here at Chibebe HQ, and we love what we do. You can see this in our awesome designs, and high quality, attention-to-detail products. The Chibebe Snuggle Pod was originally designed to help, and has been reported to assist with, preventing reflux & flathead symptoms, by carers worldwide. But being who we are, we love to make them look extra cool too, and our already high standards of safety, quality & comfortability extended to include a high regard for exclusive designs that suited the whole home, and not just a nursery. Now every new parent has it on their wishlist for their upcoming arrival! The Chibebe Snuggle Pod is the worlds #1 baby beanbag for obvious reasons. In keeping with the company's ethos, all materials and fabrics used by Chibebe are tested to be safe for use by babies. Cos that's how we roll!

The Chibebe brand was built on a single principle- a dedication to creating quality, safe products for babies and children. With the release of Australia's first baby beanbag seating solution, for use from birth, now known as the Snuggle Pod, Chibebe quickly cemented its position as an innovative and creative manufacturer of baby products. With their stellar designs and standout quality, the Snuggle Pod proved to be one of the most family-friendly products on the market. Partnerships with industry leaders such as Huggies and Pumpkin Patch soon followed. In 2011, Chibebe also began manufacturing Snuggle Pod accessory products, including the Pod Rocker & the Pod Warmer, with many more in the works.
The Snuggle Pod features an array of vibrant, sweet, and fun covers, all of which are designed for the design, decor loving, savvy parent. After all, Bub doesn't care about design....Bub just wants the best seat in the house!
Moving into the future, the Chibebe team are always planning on releasing new styles and designs on a regular basis, supplementing their already diverse collection of baby products.
Chibebe. A reputation, not a name.

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A Little About The Chibebe Australia Team

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    Dennis D

    Co-Founder & Director of Operations

    Dennis has always been business minded. From the age of only 17, he co-owned his own bakery with his Dad. But baking wasn't his passion, so after a few years, he decided to work in various fields, to get a feel for operations of a business and how he could use what he learnt in his own future endeavours. From warehousing to customer service, he got antsy, and wanted to work with his hands. So he started his own carpet laying business. Being a perfectionist in everything he did, he was a busy man, working all over Melbourne Metro. But, he was a businessman at heart, so when his fiance, Paulitta, who had no business skills whatsoever, began her online ventures, Dennis jumped on board to run it, much to Paulitta's delight! They have been working together ever since, and love the diversity in what they do, and what they create for their 'baby', Chibebe.

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    Paulitta Z

    Co-Founder & Director of Design

    Paulitta always knew she wanted to import, even before the internet made it possible to do so. Having very frizzy hair growing up (and still now!) she began importing her own hair extensions in the late 90's, so she could braid her own hair. Her brand got very popular, but hair wasn't her passion, so after about 5 years, she decided she wanted to help make the world a better place, and create her own products with her own spin on everything she did. The result of many years of intense research and hard work resulted in a gorgeous range of baby beanbags, eventually called the Chibebe Snuggle Pod. Paulitta loves what she does, and is always busy creating new and exciting products to bring to you!

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    Client Services Phenomenon

    Rikka is quite possibly the most amazing customer service person in the whole world, and we're super stocked that she's a member of the Chibebe team. She has been with us for many years now, and is the most important point of contact for all enquiries, which she handles personally. She is basically a walking, talking Chibebe know-it-all. Rikka is a working mum and wife, and we love having her on board.

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    Social Media Wonder Woman

    Tam lives on Planet Tamzen and loves to tell stories and talk to people about anything and everything. She is so social, she was the obvious choice to be our Insta Guru and social media expert. She's cool, and you totally have to follow us on our Instagram account @chibebesnugglepod to see what she comes up with next. Not even WE know what she's going to do next, but it's always awesome cool, just for our Chibebe followers!