Snuggle Pod Toddler Seats

Select Seat Color - Blue

The interchangeable seats have been designed to give you, the parent, the ability to quickly replace a seat if it were to become dirty and in need of washing. Having additional seats allows for the continued use of the Snuggle Pod. It also means that you can purchase a Snuggle Pod that is more gender-specific for your first baby, and then easily and affordably transition the seat for a second child of a different gender.

Your little one is now a robust toddler and the harness seat is no longer necessary. With a blue toddler seat you can transform your Snuggle Pod from a baby seat to a 'big kid' chair!


1 x 
Super Comfortable Padded Toddler Seat (with no harness).

For use from the day Bub is able to sit up, unaided. Can only be used with genuine Chibebe® Snuggle Pod® Baby Beanbags.



Age: Used from when Bub is able to sit unaided, through to tweenage years.

Seat Material: Stretch Lycra blend with soft padding for comfort and water resistant backing.

Customer Reviews

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Great product


It’s cute but my daughter doesn’t like it. It was difficult to fill and isn’t in the right position. My daughter is a small but it isn’t sitting right for her at all. She may end up liking it but this was real expensive for her to not like it

Lesley B.
love it

my little one is 5 mth old with down syndrome, thyroid issues Liver and kidney problems reflux issues and currently in hospital and I have been at the hospital using it for feeds as he tube fed and finding this very helpful to keep his feeds down. So thank you so much it’s been a great help I would recommend it to anybody

Samantha C.
Super Cute and Just Perfect!

I purchased the Hoot Snuggle Pod for my as-yet-unborn grandchild as a Christmas present last year. The owls are just gorgeous! Our beautiful girl arrived last Friday and loves to watch the world go by from the comfort of her own special raised-up seat. She has been using it since she was just four days old, and it's just perfect. She is snug, calm, secure and safe and loves to see everything that is happening around her from her semi-reclined position. Even though the pods are really easy to move from place to place, surely I can justify having two, as I adore the flamingo design as well - one for upstairs and one for downstairs?? 🙄😁😏 Highly recommend this product, very happy.


Great product