Introducing BLOOM!

Introducing BLOOM!

Introducing BLOOM!

Is Bloom our most gorgeous design yet?

Chibebe Snuggle Pod baby bean bags just reached new levels of 'awwww!'.

Introducing the Bloom design Snuggle Pod baby bean bag! With yellow, white and light gray petals on a perfectly toned darker gray background, Bloom was designed for the very fussy, design conscious Mum who wants her child to have the best product but also wants the home she takes such pride in to have a complementary design to suit.

You'll notice that we don't feature teddies and bunnies and all things cute on our baby bean bags. That's because we design for you, the one who actually cares about how it looks. Bubs love our Snuggle Pods because they're super comfy and help them get the best rest while being independant, but they're a little too young to care about design yet. But you're not, so we design for you.

But, we also design for when Bub gets a little bigger and does care about how things look. Because our Snuggle Pods are for use from Birth2Big®, your little one will love the look of their bean bag as they grow up and want a cool beanbag in their room when their 8 year old friends from school come over.

And that's why you can pick confidently from any of our Snuggle Pod baby bean bag designs...there's a thought process that has gone into what your child will love as much as you as they grow.

But for now, why not let Bub enjoy the pod as the best resting place in the world outside of your arms, while you give yourself a pat on the back for choosing the brand that aims to please both baby and parent alike.