The Instagram 'Like' Ban Is Great News for Credible Brands!

The Instagram 'Like' Ban Is Great News for Credible Brands!

The Instagram 'Like' Ban Is Great News for Credible Brands!

Ok, so we're on the other side...we're the brand, so we're not talking from an influencers perspective.

Gone are the days of convincing followers to buy a product based on the amount of likes. It's gone genuine, baby!

Ok, so in this day and age of influencer marketing, you never know what's for real and what's not. Alot of influencers want a decent amount of cash to spruik your brand, and that's ok if they're fussy about what they're promoting, but we've seen alot of questionable things being promoted and the platform has, until now, been lenient in allowing not only brands to fork out crazy amounts of $$ to have their product promoted, but also users to be fooled into spending their hard earned dosh on promoted products, which probably don't do what the influencer is claiming. 

We're so proud to say that anyone you see featured on our account has posted because they love their Snuggle Pod. Along with our awesome customers who are stars in our eyes, we've got public figures such as Tania Zaetta, Johnathan Thurston & his wife Sam, Jack Riewoldt and Jodi Gordon among others, who have bragged about us because they genuinely love the product. They've never asked for payment, and in fact, they might even come back for more, like Johnathan & Sam Thurston, whose new baby daughter uses her Pod so much at home in QLD, they needed one on their trip to Melbourne and asked if Johnathan could come pick one up while he was in town. Or football legend, Jack, whose little girl, Poppy, loved her pod so much, he came back for a Pod Warmer to keep her warm in this crazy cold Melbourne winter. And the lovely, down-to-earth Tania Zaetta will pop in now and then and comment about her love for our pods, which is so lovely.

Actress Jodi Gordon was cool. When she purchased from our site (before instagram became a thing), admin picked up on the name and emailed her, asking if she liked the product, would she endorse it? Turned out, Jodi already knew she liked it, as her friend had one and Jodi's daughter loved it, hence the purchase. So she wrote an email to her agent, asking if it was ok if she endorsed our Snuggle Pods, as she loves the product. This email was accidentally sent to us instead of the agent and it wasn't until we read it and realised it was not the endorsement itself, that we realised it was intended for her agent. Why was this email so cute? Because Jodi could have told her agent that 'yet another brand wants me to endorse them', but no, she was so genuine in the email, asking her agent for permission to endorse the Snuggle Pod as her friend has one and she loves it. This gives an insight to her genuinely lovely personality and proved that she was not only a gorgeous person in public but also behind the scenes. Of course, once we realised the email was not for us we replied to it and told her so, so she resent to her agent and got permission to endorse us, which in itself is also cool, because when an agent says its ok to align yourself with a brand and wants nothing out of it, it shows that the brand itself must be pretty credible too. Yep, that's us.

And these are the reasons that the influencer 'like' ban won't affect us. Because we never look at likes. Our biggest influencers are babies, and they don't have likes because they don't have IG accounts....or at least, they don't manage them if they do! Their parents do the talking, so if they love the Snuggle Pod, which of course, they do, then they're going to post about it. Chibebe is all about being genuine, and aligning our brand with credible people who genuinely love our products, so that YOU, the consumer who wants an honest company with ethical values and a genuinely great product, can rest assured, knowing you're getting an amazing product for your Bubba, for reals.