2018 RECAP

2018 RECAP

2018 RECAP

Hang on, is the year almost over already?! We must have missed it, because we've been working so hard to bring some amazing new designs to you in 2019! But here's a recap of the blur that was 2018 for us!


So we launched our Snuggle Pod Monochrome collection in late 2017, and the response was as easy to spot as black & white. You loved it! In fact, we can't keep up! We've run out of them for the 2nd time this year, with the next shipment due in Jan / Feb 2019!

chevron design baby bean bag with baby in it

We catered to all tastes with this collection, with the Chevron design appealing to those seeking a 'strong' design with a modern twist, whilst also doing a u-turn to look super cute with pink seat tops. This design is running low and expected to sell out before the next shipment is due in Jan or Feb!

hugs and kisses baby bean bag with baby in it

...and the Hugs & Kisses design drew in the crowds for it's lightness and sweetness, and ability to make any seat color pop!whimsy rear

The Whimsy design is our first ever plain color design, albeit with our logo featuring on the rear in a subtle yet obvious way that screams 'yes! i have a Chibebe!'. Currently out of stock (again!), it will be available again in Jan or Feb 2019.



We introduced our Lemon Pod Rocker to the range around July this year. It's bright. It's fabulous. It's a Limited Design! (but who knows what can happen in the future?!)

lemon pod rocker with snuggle pod baby bean bag and purple seat top

For now, we're enjoying the sunshine fest that these rockers are bringing to the homes of Happy Little Podders!



Our Snuggle Pods are still being used many years after purchase, and we often get pics of the same Pod being handed down to a 2nd or 3rd child, still in perfect condition after lots of use and washes. But, being the fussy bunch that we are, we thought we'd up the ante by doubling up on our seams. Yes, we now have double stitched seams. Well, we actually started this before 2018, but not sure if we've mentioned it before, so we're letting it be known now. And it just gives our Snuggle Pods that extra 'oomph' in quality workmanship...not that it needed this...just check out our instagram page to see older kids still using their Snuggle Pod years after they got it at birth!



Ok so this is nothing new - we're used to being raved about by public figures - but sometimes we get those down-to-Earth, awesome celebs that genuinely appreciate what we do, and Tania Zaetta is one of them. 

Tania Zaeatta twisn Alby and Kenzie Snuggle Pod Liberty design

Twinning out on their Snuggle Pods, Tanias treasures, Alby & Kenzie love checking out the world around them. Super active, they love flailing their little arms around and kicking their legs in the air!



Ok, so whilst it seems we've done quite a bit, this was nothing compared to what we have planned for 2019! We can't wait to share our latest happenings with you, perfectly timed for the new year! 

In the meantime, have the Merriest of Christmases and the Safest of New Years!




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