Travelling with Baby? Take Chibebe with you!

Travelling with Baby? Take Chibebe with you!

Travelling with Baby? Take Chibebe with you!

Travelling is not the easiest thing to do with kids. It's not like you can just pack one cabin sized suitcase and 3 outfits, and buy the rest when you get there, like those without children might do.

No, you can't do that. You need to pack everything. EVERYTHING! From diapers and wipes to first aid kits and at least 2 outfits per day, just to start the ball rolling, there is sooo much to take with you.

You can only hope that the hotel you are staying at has a cot, so that Bub gets a good nights sleep. BUT, what about during the day, when Bub wants to be independently chilling out whilst enjoying the atmosphere around them? The only thing familiar to them is you, so they cling to you for dear life, and this restricts you from going for a swim or going on a ride at the theme park with Bubs older brother or sister. You can't even cook dinner or eat out with both arms free.

That's one of the reasons Chibebe Snuggle Pod is the worlds #1 baby beanbag. They are portable and light, and can be taken anywhere you go.

The Snuggle Pod is perfect for popping Bub in when you are showering and getting ready for the day and also when relaxing by the pool. Bub feels at home in it, even when away from home, as it is their own space that is all theirs, and the familiarity of it makes them feel safe. 

It's perfect for when you have had a big day out, and you just want to chill out at the hotel. It's not fair for Bub to have to stay in their cot whilst awake. They want to be with you, sitting independently, flailing their arms and legs about freely, enjoying their surroundings. There is no other place for them to rest this way. 

Imagine you would love to go for a quick dip in the pool or a ride on that new scary ride at Waterworld, but Bub doesn't want to be left alone or held by anyone....they are quite content in their Snuggle Pod, and don't want to be disturbed. As long as you have someone to watch over Bub (as always, never leave a baby unattended!), you are free to go for that swim or on that scary ride. There is no need to worry about how you are going to get some sunbaking time in at the beach or by the pool, as Bub can chill out right there next to you on their Pod (with sunscreen and an umbrella protecting them of course!). Or maybe you just want to have a darn shower while making sure Bub is resting happily and safe!

There is no limit to how versatile and convenient the Chibebe Snuggle Pod is literally your babys 'safety blanket'!

And finally, you might be thinking 'but the Pod is too large to take away with me'...! That's an unlikely thought, unless you're going on a plane trip, but just in case, it's one of the reasons we have spare inner filling bags! They are so versatile, that you can remove the beans before you leave for your trip, and pop the Snuggle Pod cover and a spare inner bag into your suitcase, and fill it with department store beans when you get to your destination! You can get beans almost anywhere, so just grab some and fill when you get to your destination, and remove the beans easily before you leave. 

The Snuggle Pod is designed to be used for generations, and by having the ability to empty it so easily is just one of the ways we make that happen. You get to keep your beloved Snuggle Pod, and it can be stored away easily when not required, once the beans are removed. This is great for when you want to save it for your next child or grandchild.