Chibebe Rings In 2015 With Plenty Of Stock

Chibebe Rings In 2015 With Plenty Of Stock

Chibebe Rings In 2015 With Plenty Of Stock

Jan 12, 2015

Chibebe Announces New Shipment, Ensuring No Delays in 2015

Popular Australian company Chibebe has just announced that they have (finally) received their most anticipated shipment yet...a massive quantity of rockers and Snuggle Pod Baby Beanbags, along with ample gifts for their famed giveaways with all orders.

Since their rise to fame among the Mums, Dads and Babies of the world, as well as savvy gifters who love to gift the very best, Chibebe have grown exponentially over the years, and the last 12 months has been no exception. So much so, that their anticipated growth exceeded theirĀ own expectations, and they ran out of stock towards the very busy silly season of 2014.

Fulfilling Backorders vs Holidays

Known for putting their customers first, Chibebe founders, Dennis and Paulitta, cancelled their holiday plans to receive the latest shipment of rockers over the new year break, and worked hard to fulfill backorders. Their dedication to both associates and customers is just the tip of what they apply to their work ethics. From the obvious high quality of their products, to the gorgeous, ever-expanding accessory range for the Snuggle Pod, to the gorgeousĀ packaging & gift card with purchase, Chibebe leaves no strone unturned when it comes to product quality and customer satisfaction.

Come One, Come All!

Chibebe have stocked up bigtime, and they're ready for you! So why not grab your Chibebe product now, because with the ever-increasing popularity of the brand, you don't want to miss out on your favorite design! So, happy shopping from all of us at Chibebe!

Moving Forward

The team at Chibebe is looking forward to bringing new products to the brand within the next 18 months, and plans are also already underway for new lines before the end of the year. ā€œWe always like to keep things fresh for our customers,ā€ says Paulitta. ā€œA big part of that is staying on trend with products that keep Mum happy as well as keeping baby snug!ā€ For more information on Chibebeā€™s latest Snuggle Pods, visitĀĀ .





About Chibebe

Chibebe (pronounced chi-be-be) is a baby range of high quality, tested products. Chibebe isnā€™t just another baby brand. Itā€™s the brand that parents come to when they not only care about their child, but also style and, most importantly, safety.

Chibebe deals with an accredited agency for testing compliance that is familiar with the company, and understands the Chibebe need for high quality. Products are not only tested for mandatory Australian standards, but also for additional voluntary standards, to meet the high standards that Chibebe holds for your childs health and safety.

To find out more about Chibebe and the Chibebe SnuggleĀ Pods, visitĀ