Chibebe Brag: A Slice Of Madison Delight!

Chibebe Brag: A Slice Of Madison Delight!

Chibebe Brag: A Slice Of Madison Delight!

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Madison, Maddie

Growing Up Madison

I am 2 years old and so not ready to drive a car.

I was a year old when I started Growing Up Madison. It was a way for me to highlight what was going on in my life on a regular basis. The entire first year of my life was done through Facebook and mommy decided that after I passed a year old it would be nice to do something different.

It does feel like Christmas on a daily basis but it can become overwhelming as well. It takes a lot of work doing these reviews and I try to be totally honest. While I may not like everything I do try and highlight all the good but surely not minimizing what I didn't like.

Oh my mom is awesome! She's an American Soldier so she works these crazy hours. It's great having her home and I can't wait until she opens the door in the afternoons, well on the days she does get to come home.

Seeing that Christmas is so far off it's really difficult to say what I want. I think this year I just want to spend time with my family all together. I already receive so much during the year that it wouldn't bother me if I didn't get something at Christmas. I would rather much give away most of what I got during the year to someone who didn't get anything.

I love to read, or at least being read to. It helps build my vocabulary and it takes me to another world.

I don't have a favorite musician as yet. I do love listening to Radio Disney though.

If I ever got to meet a musician that I loved, I would introduce myself. Hey I'm Madison and I'm a toddler blogger. How does that sound?

I wish I was older so that I could do more things for myself.

I love most animals but I really love cats and dogs. This should be easy, I would call them catdog.

Oh yes I have lots of bad habits. I love throwing my things on the floor and not cleaning up after myself. I also love to write on the walls of the house. Mommy doesn't like it when I do that and I've been placed in time outs. They're only for 2 minutes. 1 minute for each year of my life but so far it doesn't work. I still love decorating the walls with my artistic work.

Oh yes I have 1 sister and 2 brothers. My big sister has her own blog at and my brothers sometime help me out on my own blog. We have lots of fun together and we're always outdoors either playing on my swing set or running around riding our bikes.

Oh this one is so easy! I love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Minnie Mouse is my absolutely favorite. I was supposed to go to Disney World this year but we had to postpone our visit. I can't wait to visit and meet her in person.

I think I would love to be a Veterinarian. I love animals and I would love to make them feel better when they're sick.

Just do it! It's like your very own personal diary. Make it about you and write what you're comfortable writing about. Write with a passion and be yourself. Don't try to be like anyone else, remember it's all about you, it's your story.