A Lullaby for Mummy

A Lullaby for Mummy

A Lullaby for Mummy

Being a new mum is very rewarding. Just the touch of your baby or one smile can feel you up with pride. Just watching your sleeping baby brings peace within you. But let’s admit it. It can get overwhelming. Alot of Mums would be hesitant to admit it but sometimes they want to have time alone. Don’t worry… it’s normal to be overwhelmed. You are not a bad mum. You just have to work your way around the challenges.

Eighty to ninety percent of new mums and even ‘old’ mums say that sleep deprivation is the most challenging aspect of being a parent. New mums might have a tougher time in dealing with this because they are just starting to learn the patterns and routines that can help manage everything. And sometimes, they have to learn on their own. Sleep deprivation can be a problem if it affects your daily activities, mood and judgment. Don’t panic. There are ways to help you.

Be aware of your baby’s sleep patterns. A newborn baby sleep patterns varies. But an average newborn sleeps about 16-18hours a day, which is most likely comprised of short sleeps ranging from 30 minutes to longer ones of 4hours or so. Take note of the times the baby feels sleepy like after a bath or after feeding. This would help you get a routine going in which both you and bub can adapt together.

Create a comfortable sleeping area free from distractions. Sometimes the smallest things can affect your baby’s sleep. A turned on light, noise and uncomfortable sleeping area can disturb your baby’s sleep.

There are babies that feel more secure when they are held and easily fall asleep. But let’s face it. You have other responsibilities as well. You can hold your baby until he falls asleep. Wait for a few minutes until he is in a deeper sleep before gently placing him on the crib. Do not loosen your hold as you put him in the crib.

Prepare the necessary things like bottles, baby formula, diapers, baby wipes and other stuff close at hand. This will be convenient when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night complaining about hunger or a dirty diaper. The sooner you address his complaints, the sooner your baby gets back to sleep.

Sleep when Bub sleeps. That way, you can both take a rest and it also creates a bonding moment with your child.

Remember it is not selfish to take a moment for yourself. You also need rest. When you have rested, you have the energy to take care of your child. Taking care of you is part of taking care of your child.

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Chibebe is not a cot, and is not designed to replace one. However, if the Pod is the only things that settles Bub, Chibebe recommends to use the Snuggle Pod to help them get drowsy, and as soon as they are showing signs of sleeping, transfer them to a cot. This is a sure fix!