The Snuggle Pod® Is Designed To Help!

Babies love the Snuggle Pod baby bean bag, not only because it's comfier than we'll ever know as adults, but it is designed to relieve reflux and colic in babies. The added bonus is that it's super light and portable, so Bub can rest comfortably with you in any room, anytime, anywhere,The Snuggle Pod® is consistently credited for helping reflux Bubs rest comfortably! Just check out our reviews with pics of happy, content Bubs and kids in our Pods!

'Shuffled' Positioning

'Shuffled' Positioning

Thanks to the bean bag filling that the Snuggle Pod® is designed to hold, it allows you to simply push, squash and "shuffle" it, to achieve the best possible position for your little one to rest comfortably in their Pod.

Padded Seating

Padded Seating

The Snuggle Pod® Baby & Toddler seats are not only swappable and made of the softest fabric in the most delicious colors, but they also feature an inner padded foam, for a 'Cloud 9' experience. You would be forgiven for being jealous of podding babies right now!

Waterproof Lining

Waterproof Lining

The last thing your Bub is going to want is to be without their Pod while you wash it, so all of our seats feature a water resistant lining, to prevent those little accidents and spills soaking the cover and beans inside!. This way, you simply zip off the seat and pop a spare one on (you can purchase spares anytime), so Bub can continue chilling happily while you wash the soiled one. Genius, we know.

What is Reflux?

In a nutshell, it's not happy happy joy joy

Basically, reflux is when a baby brings up milk or is sick during or not long after feeding. It usually starts before Bub is 8 weeks old and settles by the time they're 1. It's common, but not fun. Among other things, a symptom of reflux is when a Bub cries and doesn't settle, and that's where we come in.

Get comfy

Being in an upright position is advised as a way to help reflux Bubs gain comfort. Aside from being the comfiest seat ever for all babies, the Snuggle Pod® is designed to prevent and relieve reflux, thanks to its simple yet unique ability to be 'shuffled' into a position to suit your childs comfort.

Always seek medical advice

The Snuggle Pod® might be the best thing since sliced bread for your reflux Bubba, but we're not medical professionals, otherwise we'd be in a lab working hard to eliminate reflux completely! So see your childs doctor for actual diagnosis and other info.

What is <span> Reflux? </span>
So what's all the <span> hype</span>  about?

So what's all the hype about?

How is the Snuggle Pod® designed to help?

As the Snuggle Pod® is designed to be filled with bean bag filling , it can be reshaped, or 'shuffled' into a position that suits your babys comfort needs. By not forcing Bub to sit in an uncomfortable, inflexible molded seat, the Snuggle Pod® molds to your childs needs by pressing or digging your hands on it and 'scuplting' it, shuffling it into Bubs preferred position.

Our quality sets the bar

The Chibebe® Snuggle Pod® is crazy high in quality. Like, you can't get better! Where do we start? Where do we stop?! The padded seats made from breathable fabrics? The double stitched bean bag cover? The exclusive designs? Or maybe the fact that we are tested to contain no harsh chemicals, so our products are the safest you can possibly get for your precious child. The list goes on...

The Snuggle Pod® has credibility

Not only do we meet mandatory ACCC standards, but we go above and beyond by having the Snuggle Pod® tested by a 3rd party laboratory consumer testing agency on a regular basis, to ensure we maintain the highest quality product for your child. We are proud partners of USA based organization, Coping with Laryngomalacia™ to help babies breathe easier, who endorse the Snuggle Pod® for babies with LM (laryngomalacia). The Snuggle Pod® is also sold via the highest quality online stores, like MYER and Catch, who have the strictest policies in place for products they feature via their brand.

The Snuggle Pod® Baby Bean Bag

As snug as a bub in a pod!

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