Finding the Perfect Snuggle Pod Design for You & Bub

Finding the Perfect Snuggle Pod Design for You & Bub

Finding the Perfect Snuggle Pod Design for You & Bub

We have a huge selection of the most adorable Snuggle Pod baby bean bag designs, and there's sure to be one that's a perfect fit for you and Bub.

It might look like we just have amazing designs, but there's more to it than that! Exclusively designed in-house, each and every design is carefully considered and there is a process involved in delivering them to you! It goes a little something like this...

  • Firstly, we design for you, the parent. Because after all, you've spent years crafting your home¬†to your taste, and¬†it's only right that you find the right products to complement it, because these things¬†can be important! So each and every design is well thought out, so there is one perfectly suited to your taste, and environment.

  • Theeen we design¬†for Bub, because the Snuggle Pod is designed to be used from the day Bub¬†is born, right through to their pre-teen years. Once Bub becomes a toddler, they'll care how it looks! So¬†the consideration that goes into each Snuggle Pod design takes into account that it must look¬†perfect for babies to¬†Pod around in, and then for them to want to continue to use as they get bigger and read books and play games in it.

  • We have a tailored design process that allows for each design to be customised to the shape of the Snuggle Pod, allowing¬†us to design according to the shape of the pod. This is why we are able to deliver amazing designs that suit the shape of the Pod to a tee!

  • Every Snuggle Pod design tells a¬†story! Whether it's the joyful feels that Polka Dots will inevitably give you, or a cheeky little Fox's¬†adventures playing out right before your eyes, every one of our baby bean bags has a story being told.¬†Green Polka is a shout out to life and our environment, with white polka dots drawing it back to a sense of fun, because life should be fun! Even our 'Liberty' design (back in stock 2020) was¬†conceived¬†as a¬†reminder that freedom¬†is something worth fighting for, for all children. The gorgeous woodlands theme that we love so much, from Chirpy to HOOT!, features wonderous birds and wildlife, each projecting the beautifulness that is nature. Our grey based range, from Bloom to Whimsy, is designed for the minimalistic¬†home where the story is based on living fuss-free life. All of our designs have been created with our hearts full of passion for the perfect design to suit your story.

  • We go through months and months of sampling and re-sampling to ensure the colors used is perfect for it's intended design. You never know how a color will truly come out until you have printed it as it depends on the way the fabric will absorb it. We work with the Pantone¬ģ color system, but yet, the fabric will ultimately determine the outcome, so we might make an insane amount of sample runs until the fabric meets our Pantone¬ģ color requirements! Only when we are satisfied that each and every color used in the design is 110% perfected, will we launch a new design. Sometimes we might like a couple of color versions that came out in the sampling process equally, so we'll launch them and test via sales of each one to determine which one we'll make a permanent design!

  • The Chibebe¬ģ logo is featured in every¬†Snuggle Pod¬†design, so you have bragging rights!¬†You don't even need to¬†find a way to let it slip¬†that your child has their very own Chibebe Snuggle's right there in the design! The logo colors are always complementary to the design it is placed in, and it is always cleverly placed so that the design itself is the hero, but the logo provides authenticity and shows that you are the sort of parent who wants only the best for their child.

We love creating amazing products for you and your child, and we love having a great reputation for what we do, so we will continue to bring you the latest news on how to strive to be the most ethical brand for your child, that we can be. 

thankyou happy podding with chibebe

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