New Designs in the Snuggle Pod 2013 Launch!

New Designs in the Snuggle Pod 2013 Launch!

New Designs in the Snuggle Pod 2013 Launch!

Gearing up for a brand new, exciting new year, and season, the team at Chibebe are excited to introduce new snuggle pod designs. Sorted into three fantastic ranges, Urban, Retro and Serendipity, the baby products include both fresh and classic designs and colours, and all feature the much loved Chibebe logo within the design, ensuring the authenticity and quality ooze from each pod.

Founder of the Chibebe brand, Paulitta Zito, says that the new designs will add another dimension to the already ever popular products. “It’s been so much fun coming up with new ways to present these great products” Zito said.

The Urban Trio

First up in the Urban line-up is the newly revamped ‘Chirpy’. The hugely popular pattern is now larger, making it much easier to see the beautiful detail in the design. The slightly altered colour scheme gives ‘Chirpy’ extra appeal with it's unisex theme, making it more accessible for both little boys and girls, and the addition of the Chibebe logo in the pattern means you will know exactly who to thank!

‘Green Polka’ is the same classic design as always; the only exception is that it now also features the stylish Chibebe logo without detracting from the fun, bright design.

Third in the Urban range is an exciting, fresh new design, called ‘Freedom’. This design features bold and colourful stripes and is brand-new to the Chibebe collection, and is one that introduces straight lines to the Snuggle Pod ranges!

Turning Back Time With Retro Styles

'Sprinkles' is a cheeky, never-been-seen design, featuring smaller dots than any other dotty design from Chibebe (maybe that’s why it’s nicknamed ‘Freckles’ at the office. The multi-coloured polka dots are sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

‘Inspire’ takes Chibebe where it has never gone before. Its courageous new design reflects strength, courage and self-confidence.

The aptly-named ‘Liberty’ includes stars and spots and as Paulitta Zito says, “The stars just oozed the feeling of liberty when we put this one together.”


More Serendipitous Than Ever!

‘Serendipity Dots’ (formerly known as ‘Serendipity’) was the most popular design by far in 2012 and thus Chibebe jumped at the chance to expand upon this fantastic theme and create its very own range from it, aptly named the 'Serendipity'.

‘Whirly’ is second in the ‘Serendipity’ range and with big fun whirling circles, this design exudes fun and happiness.

Finishing up the new range is ‘Soda Pop’, another stripy design.

“We love stripes,” says Zito, “and so we worked hard to apply them to the new Chibebe 2012-2013 collections. We know others will love them as much as we do.”

The new Chibebe designs and regular product ranges can be viewed online so for more information on these exciting new designs, visit .


About Chibebe
Chibebe (pronounced chi-be-be) is a baby range of high quality, tested products. Chibebe isn’t just another baby brand. It’s the brand that parents come to when they not only care about their child, but also style and, most importantly, safety.

Chibebe deals with an accredited agency for testing compliance that is familiar with the company, and understands the Chibebe need for high quality. Products are not only tested for mandatory Australian standards, but also for additional voluntary standards, to meet the high standards that Chibebe hold for the health and safety needs for your baby.

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