Evolution of the Snuggle Pod

Evolution of the Snuggle Pod

Evolution of the Snuggle Pod

The little Snuggle Pod that could…

The journey that led to the creation of the Chibebe Snuggle Pod began back in circa 2007, when Chibebe designer and founder, Paulitta Zito, set out to manufacture a safe, comfortable and unique alternative to the average baby seat. Having decided that she wanted creative control of the product— primarily so that she could monitor the safety aspects of the product— Paulitta struck out on her own to build the Snuggle Pod range and realize her dream. She had her idea, and she knew how to execute it… now she only needed to find the right ingredients to make that idea manifest.


After being offered the product opportunity from an overseas manufacturer, and successfully testing the given product as a generic brand in Australia, her first hurdle to perfecting it was finding the right fabric: where would she find a material soft enough for babies, yet strong enough to ensure the structure and safety of the pod?  Full PVC was strong, but easily flammable, and contained high levels of dangerous chemicals, and most other fabrics were not as strong as she would have liked. After submitting her proposal to several manufacturers, Paulitta finally found one that could give her the right fabrics for the most comforting, healthy and safest Snuggle Pod possible, with the bonus of being visually appealing.


Paulitta’s second hurdle was self-made: she wanted to run a company with high ethical standards… there could not be any short cuts. As such, Paulitta spent much of the next two years having the Snuggle Pods tested and retested throughout the ongoing design process. Each and every small change made to the pods were laboratory tested, no matter how minor the change. Finally, in 2009, she had a final design that she knew was a great, stylish option that would also meet her and her company’s high standards.


A fantastic result and great reviews…

The resulting Chibebe Snuggle Pod was a product that Paulitta and her team were proud to release on to the Australian market. The positive feedback came in right away… parents loved the bean bags for its practicality, light weight and ease-of-use, as well as for the wide range of high quality, unisex style options available that could mix in any design setting.

The Chibebe Snuggle Pod was also said to be capable of preventing complications that were all-too-common with infants — reflux and flathead, as reported by parents and those who cared for babies.  The Snuggle Pod’s flexible design seemed to nestle infants’ heads without the pressure that usually creates the ‘flathead’ phenomenon, and its adjustable bean structure allowed parents to shift babies to a more upright position after feeding to help prevent reflux.

The medical community quickly caught on, as well. Paulitta says it’s a great feeling when medical practitioners call and ask for brochures and to stock their medical centres, hospitals or maternity wards with Chibebe Snuggle Pods. For them, it’s not just a product, but an asset that reflects well on their practice and keeps their clients and their clients’ children happy and safe.


Home is where the pod is…

Chibebe Snuggle Pods make great little portable pods that babies love to rest on… wherever they are! The vibrant, fun designs brighten up any room and work in all types of room themes. Plus, they’re easy to take with you on any outing, whether a picnic in the park or a wedding reception. With a Chibebe Snuggle Pod, babies get to grow with a comforting, sentimental item they can enjoy for years!