Chibebe Launches Into Pumpkin Patch Online!

Chibebe Launches Into Pumpkin Patch Online!

Chibebe Launches Into Pumpkin Patch Online!

Bringing together one of the most established kids’ brands with one of the most impressive up-and-comers in kids’ products, veteran company Pumpkin Patch is partnering up with much-loved newcomer Chibebe to market Chibebe’s line of innovative baby and toddler seat solutions.

Chibebe’s lovely line of snuggle pods will now be available for purchase via the Pumpkin Patch site at beginning in early May 2013. The partnership is the culmination of years of hard work by the Chibebe team, says founder Paulitta Zito.

“We’ve been focused on making the most quality product possible since our inception,” says Zito. “That’s why it’s so gratifying now to have an established brand of the quality of Pumpkin Patch partnering up with us in our endeavours.”

An NZ Exclusive

The Chibebe offerings via Pumpkin Patch include two designs exclusive to PP for New Zealand distributorship: the Liberty and Whirly snuggle pods.

“The Team at Chibebe is really excited about these new season designs, and we are proud to announce that Pumpkin Patch are the only New Zealand distributor for the Liberty and Whirly designs,” says Zito. “We think our fans in both Australia and New Zealand , and all Pumpkin Patch devotees will enjoy the new season styles with their distinct look, style, and quality, all of which suit the classic designs that have become a household favorite over the years.”

Emboldened by a Dynamic Partnership

Chibebe has large-scale plans for the future, including the release of even more innovative designs and accessories for their one-of-a-kind  designer line of baby seats. “Having Pumpkin Patch in our corner means a lot,” Zito tells us. “We’re really invigorated to explore plenty of creative options in our products moving into the future.”

For more information on Chibebe and their products, visit .


About Chibebe

Chibebe (pronounced chi-be-be) is a baby range of high quality, tested products. Chibebe isn’t just another baby brand. It’s the brand that parents come to when they not only care about their child, but also style and, most importantly, safety.


Chibebe deals with an accredited agency for testing compliance that is familiar with the company, and understands the Chibebe need for high quality. Products are not only tested for mandatory Australian standards, but also for additional voluntary standards, to meet the high standards Chibebe holds for the health and safety needs for your baby.