A Generation Of Pod-igies. What does this mean?

A Generation Of Pod-igies. What does this mean?

A Generation Of Pod-igies. What does this mean?

Thanks to shows on TV like The Block and Extreme Makeover, we're all about design nowadays. This suits us just fine, as we love, LOVE to design, and being able to bring our passion for fashion to baby products makes us coo all day long.

Our plan was always to make babies happy and comfy, and we do this in spectacular fashion. What we didn't plan for, however, was for all Snuggle Pod Bubs to end up being geniuses, or, more famously, Pod-igies.

Have you noticed in the last 5 years, that children nowadays are smarter, and more educated, pretty much from the second they emerge from the womb? Say whaaaat?!  

This is what the Sydney Morning Herald had to say about the Alpha Generation:

Generation Alpha: Yes, now we're onto the Greek alphabet. This generation begins with those born in 2010. It has been predicted they will be the most formally educated generation in history, beginning school earlier and studying longer. The children of older, wealthier parents with fewer siblings, they are already being labelled materialistic. 

Yes, it came as a massive surprise to us, too. So we did the research and found that possibly, Chibebe is the cause of this increase in intelligence. Is it a co-incidence that over the last 5 years, the Snuggle Pod has become the worlds most popular baby beanbag, and it is this generation that are the most smartest (yes, smartest). No, we don't believe it is a co-incidence. In fact, it makes perfect sense to us.

Think about it. When you are stressed and need a time-out, what do you do? Get comfy, relax and just take in the wonderful world around you right? This helps you to get everything in your head settled and have those 'ahhhh' moments, and it is also when you come up with your best ideas! Well, considering that most Chibebe Snuggle Pods are purchased by, or given to, expecting parents, for use from the day Bub is born, it is obvious that we play a massive part in their comfort, relaxation, and their understanding of the worlds around them. The Snuggle Pod promotes independence, which assists in their cognitive skills; has been reported by carers to relieve reflux, thus making them relax without being uncomfortable and irritable; may assist in preventing flathead, because, well, who wants a flat head?; and forms to their own body, which means they get to rest in the most natural way, and not a forced one. All of these benefits enable Bub to simply embrace the life they have just entered into, and soak in all that the world has to offer, and all that you teach little Jane or Jack.

And because we need more rocket scientists in this world, we have decided to pop even more of our spunky, funky, ever-so-hunky Snuggle Pods on sale, for the month of November only. And yes, this is also our way of saying 'sorry' for being a little late with the launch of our latest designs, now due in December (fingers crossed!).

You can see all of our Pods on sale now at: https://chibebe.com.au/collections/on-sale

P.S: You also know that we can't guarantee the genius level of a Snuggle Pod baby, right? We just love a good old fashioned play on words =) we also love that the benefits of the Snuggle Pod mentioned above are all truly reported by super happy parents all over the world!