12 Reasons You Need A Snuggle Pod Baby Bean Bag...Now!

12 Reasons You Need A Snuggle Pod Baby Bean Bag...Now!

12 Reasons You Need A Snuggle Pod Baby Bean Bag...Now!

There are thousands of pictures and testimonials of happy Bubs enjoying their Snuggle Pod baby bean bags.

But we get it, you're too busy to go through them all, so here's a breakdown of 12 of the most popular reasons you need a Snuggle Pod baby bean bag for your little one, now!

  1. The Snuggle Pod seat is super soft, with padding inside, for the snuggliest, comfiest chill zone they could ever want.

  2. The Snuggle Pod consists of the bean bag cover, and 2 x swappable seat tops, and an inner bag (explained below). You get the cover in the design of your choice (design in above pic is 'Serendipity') and also a baby seat AND a toddler seat! The baby seat has a buckled harness on it, for use from birth. This keeps Bub nice and snug in the Pod. The toddler seat has no harness, and is used from when Bub is able to sit upright on their own (around 7 months). This is all you need to use the Pod for many years to come.

  3. In addition to the included seats, you can always purchase additional seat tops separately if desired! For example, if you initially bought the Snuggle Pod with Pink seats for a baby girl, but now you have a baby boy, you don't need to buy a whole new Snuggle Pod...just grab a spare Blue seat to use with the one you have! Or maybe you just want extra seats so your child can continue using the Snuggle Pod in between washing dirty seats. As you can see, the Snuggle Pod has been designed to be flexible for many, many years of use!

  4. Babies have accidents, and Toddlers spill things, and we're prepared. All of our seats feature waterproof lining, so the inside of the bean bag doesn't get wet.

  5. Speaking of water resistance, the bean bag cover itself has a water resistant lining, so you can use it outdoors! The fabric is also super easy to spot clean.

  6. Every Snuggle Pod purchase includes an inner bag that is shaped to suit the cover, so it perfectly forms to the Snuggle Pod itself. Simply fill this inner bag with beans, and insert into the bean bag cover, and you're done! This inner bag makes it easy if you wish to wash the cover, or store the cover away for future use. Simply remove the inner bag containing the beans and pop back into the cover after a wash, or dispose of without making a mess! The inner bag is a protected registered design of ours.

  7. Our Snuggle Pods have been tested in a legit testing environment. Yes, we don't just say that they're tested, but secretly mean that we do this ourselves by plopping a weight on it. No, our Pods have been legitimately tested for use by babies from birth, at a consumer testing laboratory. This is not a mandatory practice, but an ethical one that ensures your child is resting on the best product possible.

  8. Our Snuggle Pods are designed to relieve reflux, and prevent flat head in babies. The flexible positioning of the Snuggle Pod is designed to help with colic relief and the moldable structure allows the bean bag to adjust to the shape of the head instead of forcing the head flat.

  9. All of our designs are designed in-house, and are produced exclusively for us. All of the other materials and parts, like the seat fabric and buckles, zippers and buttons are made exclusively for us. The quality and authenticity of the Snuggle Pod is out of this world! It's also why we can back up our products with such pride and confidence. Owning a Snuggle Pod is braggable, and every baby wants one, and parents want to give their baby what they want! 

  10. The Snuggle Pod is not just a baby product that is used for the first few months of a childs life. By swapping over to the toddler seat, the Pod is designed to be used up to pre-teen! How many baby products can you purchase that get not only can be used, but do get used for years and years after any other baby product is? Genius, we know. 

  11. We are always working on new accessories for the Snuggle Pod. From the additional seats to the Pod Rocker and Pod Warmer, we love giving you options to complement your Snuggle Pod baby bean bag.

  12. It's a well known fact that babies don't lie. They can't. They're incapable of it. They're the purest form of human you can get. That's why, when you see pics of happy and content babies on our Snuggle Pods, whether on our website or instagram etc, it's the real deal. So why not make your bebe a chibebe now, by clicking the link below 👍



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