The Pod Warmer®

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Babies love to be warm. They also love to Pod around. So we made them a blanket for their Snuggle Pod®. Genius, we know. The embroidered folded top can be unbuttoned to lengthen once your baby grows. This makes for the perfect baby gift when accompanied with any Snuggle Pod.

The Pod Warmer was designed as we wanted a solution to avoid a blanket being placed loosely over babies. Even if they are breathable, Bub can get scared if their excited little flailing arms accidentally lift the blanket over their head, so we designed the Pod Warmer, to be secured in a way that is super comfy for Bub, and can't be lifted over their head. It is also extendable as Bub grows.

So we created the Pod Warmer exclusively for Snuggle Pod Bubs. The two-tone Chibebe Pod Warmer.


* A baby seat top with harness (specially designed for use with the Pod Warmer blanket)

* A super soft blanket that zips on & off the baby seat as required. No need to disturb Bubs rest while attaching & removing

* An insulated inner lining for the perfect temperature

* An embroidered folded top on both sides of the fold, which is buttoned down, and can be unbuttoned to lengthen as Bub gets a little bigger.

Customer Reviews

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This would be ok it the bean bag was ok for my daughter



Happy wee podder alright

Awesome products, easy to put together, easy to clean. My son loves his pod even more so with the pod warmer. Highly recommend these products.

Delwyn Norman
Chibibi bean seat .

My daughter loves it for my granddaughter . She hasn't had a chance to take any photos or videos with baby in it . She would however recommend to friends .
Thank you happy with purchase .


Brilliant will be perfect for my grandbaby arriving in August