Choc Mint Color Chibebe Baby Bean Bag Blanket on Removable Cream Seat - Pod Warmer

Pod Warmer - Choc & Mint

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There are moments when two things are perfectly matched. Choc Mint is one of those combinations that sound divine together and this Choc Mint Pod warmer is looks harmonious in color and design and is the perfect accessory for your Snuggle Pod. A toasty baby blanket that attaches with ease to your Snuggle Pod with the convenience of knowing it won’t fall off.

In the past, you had to place any old blanket of some sort over Bub to keep their temperature just right, but they can pull this over their face and become scared, and we can't have that!

So we created the Pod Warmer exclusively for Snuggle Pod Bubs. The two-tone Chibebe Pod Warmer.


* A baby seat top with harness (specially designed for use with the Pod Warmer blanket)

* A super soft blanket that zips on & off the baby seat as required. No need to disturb Bubs rest while attaching & removing

* An insulated inner lining for the perfect temperature

* An embroidered folded top on both sides of the fold, which is buttoned down, and can be unbuttoned to lengthen as Bub gets a little bigger.