Flamingo with FREE Pod Warmer!

Flamingo with FREE Pod Warmer!

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The multi-award winning Chibebe Snuggle Pod baby bean bag is a perfectly designed seating solution that has been reported to assist in relieving reflux and flathead symptoms in newborns, and for use through to pre-teen age.

This Flamingo package is the ultimate combo for any home, any where. It's one of our fave designs, and is a limited time only offer, so grab yours now!


  • 1 x Chibebe Snuggle Pod with Baby Seat (with harness) for use from Birth

  • 1 x Spare Matching Colour Toddler Seat (no harness) for when Bub is able to sit unaided

  • 1 x Removable Inner Filling Bag for beans, for easy washing and storage of the beanbag cover.

  • 1 x Information Booklet & Warranty Card

  • All the above in gorgeous Chibebe Designer Packaging

  • A Pod Warmer Blanket in your color choice. The Pod Warmer comes with an additional CREAM color baby seat that features an extra zipper to attach / detach the blanket part!

*Does not include beans unless you choose to add this to your order with your Snuggle Pod order.

REFLUX RELIEF: The Snuggle Pod has been reported by parents to assist in relieving GERD (reflux). The Snuggle Pod was designed to be flexible and respond to you and your baby's needs. Post-feeding, just adjust the position of the beans to allow your bub to sit with his or her head in a more elevated position. By keeping your little one's head elevated, the pod has been reported to significantly reduce the symptoms of infant reflux and make sure that your little one has the kind of restful and healthful feeding experience that allows him or her to grow and flourish.

FLATHEAD SYMPTOMS: The soft seat of the Snuggle Pod may assist in preventing flathead. Chibebe Snuggle Pods have been reported by those who care for babies, to make a significant difference in preventing the development of flathead. By nestling an infant on a flexible surface that also keeps pressure off the head by keeping it slightly elevated, Chibebe Snuggle Pods are one of the best ways to avoid or reduce the condition. Chibebe's bean bag-design allows the Snuggle Pod to respond to a child's form, instead of forcing the child to adjust to the pod itself. 

LARYNGOMALACIA: Infants with laryngomalacia will often present with inspiratory stridor, a sort of wheezing or high-pitched squeak that occurs during breathing. The Chibebe Snuggle Pod has been said to significantly alleviate reflux and make a huge difference to a child with laryngomalacia. We are also longtime supporters with the organization Coping With Laryngomalacia in its efforts to improve the lives and conditions of children suffering from this condition.

As you can see, the ultimate in comfort is just a bonus!

Age: Used from Birth to All Ages

Size (filled): L: 72cm W: 52cm

Seat Material: Stretch Lycra blend with soft padding for comfort and water resistant backing.

Base Material: Durable Coated Polyester Fabric water-resistant backing for Easy Wipe Cleaning.

Filling Supplied: No

Filling Required: Yes, Polystyrene bean bag beans. This is available as you purchase the Snuggle Pod, or at most good department stores.

How Much Filling Is Required: Approx. 65lt. You would need to purchase a 100lt bag of beans. Use about 2/3 of this (or 65-70lt), to fill the pod.

Customer Reviews

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BEST BUY for an active baby!

We recently moved into a double story unit with the rooms upstair and I needed something for Baby E to relax and play downstairs whilst I did my chores. I had been meaning to buy a bean bag for Baby E and after careful research, I bought the Chibebe snuggle pod and to say that its snuggly would be an understatement.
Excellently designed to keep a baby's comfort in mind, it is now a permanent staple in our living room. It grows with your baby and ours came with a pod warmer too, perfect for our LO who loves kicking off her blanket. We bought the foam filling rather than the beans and whilst it is trickier than beans, it is definately more comfy.
Eliza is one happy podder! Thank you

Donuts and Smile

We love our Chibebe perfect for our little one. We can take it anywhere easily. Olive loves to watch her big sisters play. We prefer this over a traditional bouncer much better posture support.

Super dooper cute!!

Such an adorable little piece to add to a new baby's nursery!