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Not sure what beans you need to fill our Snuggle Pods? It so easy....they are available at any good department store, like these ones at Kmart, or these ones at Spotlight.

We charge a flat rate of $25USD for beans, as part of our service to organise for them to be shipped to you from a third party.

We recommend you order them online yourself via the relevant links given above, or we can do it for you as part of your order. Please remember to order a 100lt bag. If you are ordering, from Spotlight, you need 2 x 500g bags. Use only 65lt (or two thirds of a 100lt bag) of this to fill your Pod! As Bub grows, empty the beans a little, to suit their comfort level.

If you have any questions regarding the shipment of the beans, please feel free to contact the seller directly. You will be provided with the seller order details after we have placed your order for you.


The Chibebe Snuggle Pod has been designed to give your baby the most restful, safe & comfortable experience possible.  Filling the Pod is always at the discretion of the carer, but we recommend filling with approx. 65lt of beans (this is about 2/3 of a 100lt bag). 

The Pod is designed for Bub to be able to take in their surroundings and be a part of your daily activities with you. Overfilling the Snuggle Pod will make the surface too flat, and Bub will be staring at the ceiling, not at you or their surroundings. Ceilings are boring, even cool ones with posters of Peppa Pig and stuck on them get a little too much after a while. 

How to fill a chibebe snuggle pod baby beanbag

Make sure the seat is inclined, so Bub is sitting upright, with their head resting back on the pod. Imagine yourself, sitting in an adult beanbag. If it is too full, like a pouffe, you can't fully settle in it, and you would roll off, right? But if it were not so full, you are all nestled in it, and can't roll it, or get off it unless someone helps you out. It's the same idea with the Snuggle Pod.

Filling it so that Bub can sit IN it, not ON it, means they can't get out of it without your help, and they can't roll it, and they get to chill out and look around and even watch Peppa Pig on TV (not the ceiling). 

But the most important reason you want to sit them upright in their Pod is because the Pod is intended to help relieve reflux (GERD) and prevent flathead for your precious little one.

So, as you can see, we're super serious about what we do, but we kinda love how we do it!

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Too many beans! I would

Too many beans! I would have preferred the beans and bag to have been delivered together. It’s better than not enough beans.

We purchased a baby bean

We purchased a baby bean bag, rocker and filler beans as a welcome present for a niece’s baby. The present was delivered promptly to our niece in another State and it is happily being used daily, especially with the rocker.