THE TWEETY WINTER SALE! (ends 31ST August '17)

The Chibebe exclusive Chirpy and Teeny Birds designs are two of our most iconic designs since day one, and for the month of August only, we have come up with an offer like never before, to keep your little one nice, snug & warm in this icy cold weather.

Head on over to our ON SALE page, and nab yourself a Chirpy or Teeny Birds Snuggle Pod with a Pod Warmer, for only $119 (rrp$138)! Basic conditions are:

  1. Sale items are available to Australian residents only;

  2. No discount codes can be used with sale items;

  3. No exchange for a different color or design.

Yes, it's that easy. So go ahead and grab that Birds themed Snuggle Pod and Pod Warmer for your chirpy little one now, before it's too late! 




FREE BEANS FOR ALL ORDERS OF $149 OR MORE! (limited time only)

We don’t want to send a large, unattractive box to your doorstep, and we certainly don’t want to send it like this to someone you’re gifting. That’s one of the reasons the Snuggle Pod doesn’t come filled. It’s also why any reputable beanbag company doesn’t feel the need to include beans with their beanbags.

But, we also know you want the complete package, so we are including beans for a limited time only, for all order of $149 or more.

The delivery of the beans will come via a 3rd party, separately to your Chibebe order, so keep an eye out!