Our Commitment to You & Baby

As a parent, your baby’s safety is paramount, and it is to us, too.

We take our responsibility to provide you with a high quality, safe product, very seriously. Our Snuggle Pods comply with the Australian Mandatory ACCC Standards for beanbags.

In addition, we voluntarily test our Snuggle Pods in a non-biased, world renowned consumer testing agency on a regular basis, for use by babies. This is an integral part of the Chibebe commitment to ensure every child can enjoy a certified beanbag designed specifically for use by babies. Our certifications include testing for Australia, the United States & New Zealand.

The Importance of Undertaking Voluntary Testing Practices at Chibebe

In order to manufacture products, you need to purchase raw materials. To maintain the quality in the raw materials we purchase, we run regular tests by an independent testing agency to ensure our suppliers maintain quality control at their end.

Here’s a basic example of why testing is important to us: When you buy coloured or printed fabric, that fabric has undergone a colouring process. This means that colouring compounds were used to achieve the designed intended. Some manufacturers will use cheaper colouring compounds that will not pass safe toxin levels which may react to babies with sensitive skin. At Chibebe, it’s important for us to cater for babies with all skins types, including sensitive skins.

Aside from the dyes in fabrics, there are heaps of other elements we test for, to produce a beanbag that is actually certified for use by babies (flammability, small parts etc). A Chibebe parent does their best to protect their child, so we work hard to make it easy for them, and this is why we have happy little Podders all over the world!

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