Gifting A Snuggle Pod?

As you can imagine, the Snuggle Pod® baby bean bag is only every new Mum's wishlist, so whether you're the new Mum, buying for your newbie, or you're shopping for the perfect baby shower gift, we got you. Here's how:

  • We can send direct to the recipient on your behalf. It doesn't cost extra and we never, ever include receipts with any order, so there's no chance they'll know more than they have to. You can access your order anytime in your Chibebe account to view payment details.

  • Our Snuggle Pod packing is nice and soft (and super cute), so it won't get all ruined and banged up in shipment. Yeah, no, we don't think that's cool either.

    two babies in snuggle pod baby bean bags by chibebe

  • All Snuggle Pod baby bean bags include everything needed to be used from birth to pre-teen. Except for the beans, your giftee will have everything they need for years and years of use. No gimmicks to get you in the door and ask you to come back to buy the seat once the child becomes a toddler. Nup. You get a baby AND a toddler seat with the Pod...the complete real deal. Of course, if they desire, the giftee can come back to get extra seats if they want a different color or an extra seat top while they wash the original one, but this is just something we offer so that they don't have to buy a new one. Another example is if you are gifting them for a baby boy now, but they have girl later on. An easy seat swap will change the pod from a boy one to a girl one if that's what they want! And boo-ya! You've just gifted someone a baby gift that they can use for years to come, for boy OR girl, and for baby AND toddler!! Whaaaat...? Shut the front door!

  • You have the option for us to send beans to the recipient or add a Kmart gift card instead. Or they can buy the beans themselves. Our favorite way is to add the Kmart gift card so they pop into their local Kmart or go on the Kmart website and buy the beans using the gift card when they're ready to use the Pod. This is handy especially if you're gifting the Snuggle Pod months before Bub is born and the recipient isn't ready to use it yet. You will be given bean filling options when you purchase your Snuggle Pod.

  • You can add your own gift message when you buy the Snuggle Pod. You can write your own message or select from one that we've pre-written for you. You can also edit the ones we've pre-written if you wish!


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