Everything you need to know about the Snuggle Pod®

Rocks are fun, and if you haven’t heard all about the Chibebe® Snuggle Pod® by now, you might have been living under one. But now you’re out from under, and you’re exposed to all of these happy little podders on Instagram (@chibebesnugglepod) and on facebook (/chibebesnugglepod), and you just need to know what the phenomenon is. Here’s the lowdown on the must-have baby product for every new Mum, Dad & Bub(s)...


This Snuggle Pod® thingy...what is it?

The Snuggle Pod is a 2-in-1 adaptable baby beanbag that grows with your baby from newborn through to pre-tweens. It’s a practical resting solution designed to allow parents to take their child safely from room-to-room effortlessly, helping to keep bub close at all times in a portable, safe seat that allows them to be fully independent and totally chill. Weighing less than 1.5kgs when filled, the Pod is highly portable and easy to move around.


How is the Snuggle Pod ‘adaptable’?

The Snuggle Pod is designed to last for many years, from the day bub is born. So it comes with ‘zip on - zip off’ swappable baby and toddler seat tops. The baby seat top is harnessed, for use from birth, until Bub is able to sit unaided. The toddler seat top is non-harnessed, and can be used for many years afterwards. The seat tops are made from a breathable lycra blend material with an integrated foam pillow-top for extra comfort and support. It’s also lined with a waterproof fabric layer to stop any little accidents or spills reaching the beans inside the base. The removable seat tops allow for quick washing and swapping of baby seats in between washes, and also for swapping from a baby (harnessed) seat top to a toddler (non-harnessed) seat top. Both seat types are included in every Snuggle Pod purchase. You can buy additional seat tops separately, as you wish.


How would it feel being in a Snuggle Pod®?

Just imagine how good you would feel laying in a bean filled, padded, inclined seat that is super soft and comfortable, cradling your body, yet allowing you to freely kick your legs and flail your arms around without restriction, yet is safe and secure. Imagine yourself slightly angled so that you can watch TV in, feed, or just chill-out in to observe your surroundings. The Snuggle Pod is designed to give that Cloud 9, supportive experience, incorporating high end standards that parents expect in a product designed for the most important person in their lives...their child.


But wait, there’s more…!

The Snuggle Pod has an accessory line. Because that’s how we roll.

The Pod Warmer: For colder days, most people place a loose blanket over Bub. This isn’t safe, for obvious reasons, as Bub can lift the blanket over their head. The Snuggle Pod® is the only Australian baby beanbag that has it’s own Pod Warmer blanket (aka footmuff) that stays put, unable to be kicked off or lifted over Bubs head by Bub, or anyone for that matter! The top part also extends as Bub gets bigger, giving more months of use.

The Pod Rocker. Every Bub needs a rocker. But they also need a Snuggle Pod! We got it all covered. The Pod Rocker® is designed solely for the Snuggle Pod to be gently rocked back-and-forth, giving your child that soothing rocking motion to relax them to a calmer state. It’s the ultimate experience for Bub to enjoy (and us adults to be a little envious of).


Do parents really benefit from owning a Snuggle Pod?

Absolutely, and in so many ways! When we ask parents what they like most about the Snuggle Pod, their first words are along the lines of: "it’s a lifesaver” and "it’s the single most used product I have bought since having my child". We never tire of hearing how parents and bubs love the Snuggle Pod,. Here are some examples of the things we commonly hear: 

  1. It’s practical, I use it everyday because I can take my baby from room to room easily;
  2. Bub looks so comfortable, and can see their surroundings thanks to the inclined angle of the Pod;
  3. The Snuggle Pod has helped my baby with his/her reflux and helping him/her breathe easier;
  4. The Pod has helped with my baby’s flathead;
  5. The Snuggle Pod makes it so easy for feeding time;
  6. The addition of the Pod Rocker helps to settle my baby;
  7. The cover is so easy to spot clean and wash when required;
  8. The best investment ever! It has been an absolute lifesaver!

The Snuggle Pod has over 800 positive reviews on the Chibebe.com.au website alone. You can also find parents of happy Podders bragging about our Pods on Facebook, Instagram, online review sites, and so on. The proof is in the podding!

Read our reviews here


Let’s get factual, shall we?

  • The Snuggle Pod seat tops feature several layers. These layers include an integrated foam pillow-top for added comfort and support. The added bonus? This padding helps to suppress the bean noise from the inside of the beanbag, giving bubs a quieter resting experience. There is also a layer of water resistant fabric on the seat top, under the padding layer, preventing little accidents and spills reaching the beans inside the base. In case of ‘oopsie’ moments, simply remove the seat top and wash it, knowing that the beans inside are dry.
  • Carers of little Podders are consistent in their reports that The Snuggle Pod helps to relieve reflux in babies. They also credit the Snuggle Pod for reducing symptoms of flathead syndrome (Plagiocephaly).
  • The Snuggle Pod was designed with the busy parent in mind. We designed the specially shaped inner bag that holds the bean filling, to be easily removable and put aside, so that the Snuggle Pod base can be washed easily. Simply pop the inner bag containing the beans back inside the base once it’s all washed and ready for use again. This inner bag creation is a registered design for the Chibebe® brand.
  • The Pod Rocker and Pod Warmer are registered designs of the Chibebe® brand.
  • You can build over 800 different Snuggle Pod® combinations using our exclusive Build-A-Pod beanbag builder.


What’s included in a Snuggle Pod® purchase?

50% of our buyers are gifting a new parent or parent-to-be and the other 50% are purchasing for their own little future Podder. We love to be loved by all, so we have created the ideal experience for both scenarios!

The Chibebe experience starts off with the delivery of a cute little fabric package, buttoned closed, with our wonderful logo emblazoned across the front, and info about the Pod on the back. Inside the gorgeous designer packaging, you will find the below:

  • A Snuggle Pod® base design of your choice (ie: Chirpy, Woodlands, etc).
  • A Baby (harnessed) seat with padded pillow-top and water resistant lining.
  • A Toddler (non-harnessed) seat with padded pillow-top and water resistant lining.
  • An ‘Inner filling bag’ which you easily fill with beans, and insert into the beanbag cover. This is also easily extracted, for washing of the base cover.
  • A Kmart Gift Card to redeem for bean filling in-store or online more info
  • A very cool Chibebe gift card for writing your message to the giftee (even if that giftee is your own bubba!).
  • An Instruction & Information booklet


Does the Snuggle Pod baby beanbag meet ACCC standards?

Yes, of course! Our Snuggle Pods® meet strict ACCC mandatory standards. In a nutshell, these standards mean that we have correct labelling and use correct zippers on our pods.

In addition, we have our products laboratory tested, via a leading international recognised consumer testing agency, on a regular basis. This is a non-mandatory practice, but it gives the fussy Chibebe parent assurance that product that their child is resting on a certified, exceptionally made baby beanbag that not only meets mandatory standards, but also standards that we personally feel are more important, such as flammability, small parts & chemicals. It also makes us feel good to know we do way more than is required of us, to ensure we make a product that we call ‘fussy parent safe’. [LEARN MORE]


We hope you enjoyed learning about the Chibebe Snuggle Pod! As you can see, we’re more than just a baby beanbag brand. We provide an experience. We take into account everything a fussy Mum & Dad want for their child, and although we couldn’t imagine a parent putting a price on quality when it comes to their little ones, our efforts and attention to quality certainly justify the price of our Pods.