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The multi-award winning Chibebe Snuggle Pod baby bean bag is a perfectly designed seating solution that may assist in relieving reflux and flathead symptoms in newborns, and grows with Bub, thanks to the adaptable seat tops which means your child gets to enjoy the pod right through to their pre-teen years! With double stitching on seams and gorgeous color palettes, the Serendipity Snuggle Pod® design features the most gorgeous oversized polka dots you'll ever see. Serendipity means a happy accident! And this is exactly what this design was. We just love polka dots, and one day, the size of the polka dots and gorgeous colors just came together in such a Serendipitous way! Bellisimo!


  • Chibebe Snuggle Pod® base in Serendipity design

  • Baby Seat (with harness) for use from Birth

  • Toddler Seat (no harness) for when Bub is able to sit unaided

  • Inner Filling Bag for beans, for easy removal of beans for washing and storage of the beanbag cover

  • Gift card to write a message on if required

  • Information Booklet & Warranty Card

  • All the above in gorgeous Chibebe Designer Packaging

*Optional accessories can be purchased for the Snuggle Pod®! Check out our Pod Rocker and Pod Warmer add-ons!

REFLUX RELIEF: The special shape of the bean bag has been reported by parents to help relieve GERD (reflux). The Snuggle Pod was designed to be flexible and respond to you and your baby's needs. Post-feeding, just adjust the position of the beans to allow your bub to sit with his or her head in a more elevated position. By keeping your little one's head elevated, carers report that the pod significantly reduces the symptoms of infant reflux, ensuring that your little one has the kind of restful and healthful feeding experience that allows him or her to grow and flourish.

FLATHEAD SYMPTOMS: The soft, moldable seat may help prevent flathead. Chibebe Snuggle Pods have been reported by those who care for babies, to make a significant difference in preventing the development of flathead. By nestling an infant on a flexible surface that also keeps pressure off the head by keeping it slightly elevated, Chibebe Snuggle Pods are designed to avoid or reduce the condition. Chibebe's bean bag design allows the Snuggle Pod to respond to a child's form, instead of forcing the child to adjust to the pod itself. 

LARYNGOMALACIA: Infants with laryngomalacia will often present with inspiratory stridor, a sort of wheezing or high-pitched squeak that occurs during breathing. The Chibebe Snuggle Pod is endorsed by USA based Coping with Laryngomalacia™, for significantly alleviating reflux and make a huge difference to a child with laryngomalacia. Coping With Laryngomalacia™ aims to improve the lives and conditions of children suffering from this condition.

As you can see, the ultimate in comfort is just a bonus!

Age: Used from Birth to Pre-Teen

Size (filled): L: 72cm W: 52cm

Seat Material: Stretch Lycra blend with soft padding for comfort and water resistant backing.

Base Material: Durable Coated Polyester Fabric water-resistant backing for Easy Wipe Cleaning.

Filling Supplied: No

Filling Required: Yes. This is available as you purchase the Snuggle Pod, or at most good department stores for around $12.


About 10,265 beans, to be exact! But to save time counting, we recommend filling with approx. 65lt of beans (this is about 2/3 of a 100lt bag). The Chibebe Snuggle Pod has been designed to give your baby the most restful, safe & comfortable experience possible.  Filling the Pod is always at the discretion of the carer.

The Pod is designed for Bub to be able to take in their surroundings and be a part of your daily activities with you. Overfilling the Snuggle Pod will make the surface too flat, and Bub will be staring at the ceiling, not at you or their surroundings. Ceilings are boring, even cool ones with posters of Peppa Pig stuck on them get a little too much after a while. 

How to fill a chibebe snuggle pod baby beanbag

Make sure the seat is inclined, so Bub is sitting upright, with their head resting back on the pod. Imagine yourself, sitting in an adult beanbag. If it is too full, like a pouffe, you can't fully settle in it, and you would roll off, right? But if it were not so full, you are all nestled in it, the base is flat on the floor so you can't roll out of it, or get off it unless someone helps you out. It's the same idea with the Snuggle Pod.

Filling it so that Bub can sit in it, not on it, means they can chill out and look around and even watch Peppa Pig on TV (not the ceiling!). 

But the most important reason you want to sit them upright in their Pod is because the pod is intended to help relieve reflux (GERD) and prevent flathead for your precious little one.

Babies love the Podding Experience with Chibebe®, and we know you will too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Amazing my boy loves it

Im one happy mummy my little bub loves his new pod. First try and hes sleeping like a baby at 13 months old! Put him in his cot in the day and he doesn't want to know. Would highly recommend.

My girlfriend recently put me onto Snuggle Pods....

My girlfriend recently put me onto Snuggle Pods & I absolutely fell in love with did Aleeïa! I'm now really excited to try the new Pod Warmer this winter.

4 star

Serendipity Baby Beanbag - Lime Seat

Great purchase

My son loves his Chibebe beanbag, and it's so light and easy to move around it gives me so much freedom to get things done. It's great knowing he's secure in the harness, and I love that it comes with the toddler cover for when he's older.

Absolutely Perfect!

I love this design! It is so funky yet simple and goes with any decor. it is the perfect design for babies, but still mature and timeless for decor freaks like me to appreciate!

Aside from the eye candy design, the pod is the single most useful product I have received for my little girl to chill out in. It is no gimmick. It seriously has made my life super easy and allowed me to not to 'lose' myself in motherhood and the duties that come with it. i am a fiercely independent woman, and whilst l wanted a child more than anything, l didn't want to lose my 'self'. You might think I am being over the top saying that l NEEDED this pod, but l am serious about it! The pod has allowed me to continue with my interior design blog as well as be a hands on Mum, as Bub is more than happy just chilling out next to me in her pod while I work away. I can take 5 and feed her in between working, and do chores that I wouldn't normally be able to do unless she was napping...she just sits there and watches me!

And dare i say it...I believe the pod actually has made my little girl a little more independent as she isn't relying on me to entertain her all the time...she loves just sitting the, flailing her arms and legs about and enjoying her own surroundings, and not relying on me to get her in a comfortable position in my arms all the time! She is simply, just, content.

THANKYOU CHIBEBE! I wish l were super famous...I'd endorse the heck out of you!